Thursday, April 9, 2015

Is it possible for this gig to suck more than it does?

Actually, yeah, there is. Granted, the rate is not great, but it is higher than some other awful projects I've seen advertised lately. Plus, it has good overtime, which is hard to come by these days. So I can live with those aspects of it.

There are a couple things, though, that make me wonder whether the folks at the agency are sadists. First, no internet access at your desk, and only two internet terminals on my floor, to serve about 50 people. Not a great way to stay in touch with the planet. Second, no phones in the review room. We are given lockers. Caught with a phone in the review room? Fired. Also, no personal possessions other than music players in the review room. Put that shit in the locker. The agency folks claim this is all on the firm, but I don't buy that shit. Either way, neither the agency nor the firm employees would put up with rules like that for a skinny minute. No personal shit in your office? No phone? Instant rebellion. It's amazing what temps will put up with because they have to. I, of course, keep my phone in my pocket, on mute. Fuck them.

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