Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spring has sprung

So, Mrs. Wolves has been dog-sitting over at Farmer Tom's place for a couple days. Naturally, this means I get pictures sent to me. I have two choices: post the pictures on the blog, or flush 29 years of wedded bliss (or something) down the toilet. Naturally, I choose the path of least resistance. Don't like it? Refer to the title of the blog.

So, Farmer Tom has a big fucking yard, with lots of nice, flowering trees, and pretty clouds:

Mrs. Wolves, of course, likes to get close to the flowering trees:

A lot:

No, really:

So, anyway, having preserved my marriage, I hope I also have provided a little pleasure into your lives with photos of nature's beauty. For those of you who do not appreciate the simpler things in life, like flowering trees, beautiful clouds and such, you know what to refer to.

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