Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Holy fuck, I'm a heretic

Apparently, noted physicist and current Pope Francis is teaming up with renowned scientist Ban Ki-Moon, better known as general secretary of the most useless organization on Earth, to brand me a heretic.

The two of them, with their keen understanding of science, might not be targeting me personally, but the pope is coming out against "climate change" as a moral imperative, and Ban, who is just a meddling peckerhead with no discernible expertise in anything -- at least Francis is a theologian of some note -- is backing Francis in hopes that the UN can actually get a little world-government clout going. Neither one knows a fucking thing about the issues involved, nor could either explain the theory with a gun to his head. I think Francis better talk to his boss about climate change, which has been happening since Earth formed as a planet. Naturally, they are doing this as the whole man-made climate change myth is unravelling:
Last month, we are told, the world enjoyed “its hottest March since records began in 1880”. This year, according to “US government scientists”, already bids to outrank 2014 as “the hottest ever”. The figures from the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) were based, like all the other three official surface temperature records on which the world’s scientists and politicians rely, on data compiled from a network of weather stations by NOAA’s Global Historical Climate Network (GHCN).

But here there is a puzzle. These temperature records are not the only ones with official status. The other two, Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and the University of Alabama (UAH), are based on a quite different method of measuring temperature data, by satellites. And these, as they have increasingly done in recent years, give a strikingly different picture. Neither shows last month as anything like the hottest March on record, any more than they showed 2014 as “the hottest year ever”.
NOAA and its allies have been fucking with temperature data for decades, applying algorithms to "correct" temperature measurements to account for various, vaguely identified factors. The result is always that temperatures in the past are revised down, current temperatures are revised up. None of the surface temperatures reported by NOAA reflect actual measurements.

Further, the theory of anthropogenic climate change -- man-made global warming, as they used to call it before global warming stopped 18 years ago and hit a plateau -- does not rely upon surface temperatures for proof. The so-called signature of man-made global warming is warming in the mid-troposphere over the tropics -- in other words, exactly what the RSS and UAH satellites measure and show no change in nearly two decades.

The reason is simple. The climate alarmists know that carbon dioxide alone lacks the temperature forcing effect to cause runaway warming. CO2 has a logorithmic warming effect. The first doubling of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere forces X amount of warming. Each subsequent doubling forces 1/2 of the previous forcing. In other words, CO2 can never produce more than twice the amount of initial warming. Estimates of that forcing range from less than 2 degrees F to 4 degrees F or so. So much for settle science when they can't even determine reliably such a basic figure. The real problem for the alarmists is that such an upper limit on forcing by CO2, which no one argues with, does not yield runaway warming. So what is the basis of the alarmists' claims that CO2 will turn the planet into a furnace?

Simple -- it won't be CO2. Water vapor provides 95 percent of the so-called greenhouse effect and is the only gas or substance capable of causing runaway warming. The theory, then is that the CO2 forcing will cause enough warming to create a much thicker band of water vapor around the planet, particularly in the tropics, which will trap more heat, lead to more water vapor and Bingo! runaway warming. This warming will be signalled by warming in the troposphere and a much thicker band of water vapor around Earth.

The problem with this theory is two-fold: the water vapor layer in Earth's lower atmosphere is not reaching higher, and the troposphere is not warming, according to the RSS and UAH data. This is what is known in scientific circles as falsification -- the theory has been disproven by the data.

Undeterred, the grant-hungry warmists instead try to scare us with surface temperatures, which have no bearing on the theory and probably are not warming anyway. But to scare us, they fuck with the data because Science!

Yeah, I could have provided more links, but I encourage you to do what I did and research it for yourself. You'll find you are being lied to as long as your research is honest (don't just go to alarmist sites, y'all.)

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