Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's looking grim, people

I have avoided posting today because I hate April Fool's jokes and pranks. Unfortunately, I've had enough of the real world equivalents today, and it's no fucking joke. Had a project lined up for Monday, never worked for that agency before, wouldn't mind jumping from it when my rollover to the sweet project finally comes along -- something I am beginning to believe is never happening -- and it turns out the project is with the same firm as the rollover project, which means if I take the work starting Monday, no rollover for me. Fucked again. Turned it down, now trying to find something else I can jump from. I guess the good news is, not a project out there I'd mind jumping from, even if it means burning a bridge. Sad state of affairs. Feel free to hit the tip jar over there on the right. Or buy something through the Amazon widget over there. Or send me a funny YouTube video. Whatevs.

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