Friday, April 10, 2015

Is there no pride in Temp Town?

Short answer? No. Today being Friday, the agency for which I am working at the moment brought in bagels and doughnuts. It's a weekly thing with this agency. Temps are notorious for their willingness to eat free food, regardless of quality. An agency I still work for upon occasion used to bring in pizza every Friday -- that stopped a long time ago, along with production bonuses and other "unnecessary" benefits -- but they bought it from the lowest bidder. It was really awful pizza -- and there was never any left, because temps don't fucking care, so long as it's free.

I suppose that, in this respect, at least, I am unlike my fellow temps. Before the free bagels arrived, I already had eaten the breakfast I brought from home. Unlike my fellow temps -- and homeless people, for that matter -- I do not work for food. I work for money. Of course, temps and homeless people also don't work for food, but they are happy to pretend to work if you will give them free food. I prefer to simply work, buy my own food and insist on cash.

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