Monday, April 6, 2015

Don't get me wrong

I am not arguing against market forces. I am lamenting their negative impact on me at the moment. Nonetheless, I see no need to adjust my principles to suit my current situation. Market forces aren't working in my favor? Fine, find another market. Currently, I am looking into moving into the catering business. I think I probably am a better cook than a lawyer, anyway. My point is, even if I stay in Temp Town, I am not in favor of regulation or government intervention in some other way to make the market more favorable to me. Government fucking with markets is always, always wrong. It distorts markets and makes things more expensive for everyone. I am not interested in that, even if, for instance, it were to help me find temp jobs with high pay or overtime. Principles matter. If you're willing to give up what you believe for a little money, you don't really believe anything, do you?

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