Friday, April 17, 2015

Yes, I've been down on The Farm

I figured I better get this post up before I return to The Farm, which happens in less than 48 hours. Anyway, I spent a few hours at The Farm last Sunday, with mixed results. Jeb the Wonder Dog apparently has accepted that he still cannot drive a stick, and so he took his place in the passenger seat:

Where he promptly stuck his head out the window for the entire trip to The Farm (all five minutes):

When we got there, imagine my surprise to find that Tom the Farmer had completely undone my onion planting of the week before, despite our decision to leave the onions there for this season. Note the leveled ground to his right:

I guess he wanted to move the onions, because he knew I put them in. Fortunately, he retrieved enough of the seed crop (proving he knew it was there) for me to plant in another, sunnier spot. None of this bothered Jeb the Wonder Dog in the least. He was far too busy dominating Willie, the Golden Lab With His Nuts Cut Off. Jeb, proudly unneutered. enjoys asserting his dominance:

We worked on rebuilding some bed boxes, salvaging pieces from rotten boxes and recutting things to fit. We also had to rework some of our trellis stands to fit the new boxes:

Fortunately, Farmer Tom is quite a woodworker, and I take instructions well:

I am, of course, good mostly for strong back, weak mind. I had to till the areas where we intended to re-plant the onions and plant the left-over potatoes, as Farmer Tom had put about half of the spuds in the spot we usually use. Out came the tiller:

I tilled, we planted, and Farmer Tom watered the newly planted onions and spuds:

I'll be back at The Farm Sunday. I have no damn idea what we're doing, but I will report. Probably squash, beans and cucumbers. We also have to figure out what to do about watermelons, which Farmer Tom's daughter wants to plant. Stay tuned.

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Addison George said...

MY Dad can only hold so little information. As he says regularly He is stupid. The tilling looked good hahahah