Saturday, April 4, 2015

Hell, this doesn't surprise me a bit

After all, Jay Cutler sucks, and Chicago fans are vicious. Still, you almost have to feel sorry for the starting quarterback of an NFL team, no matter how awful, who can't even sell an autographed football for a hundred bucks at a charity auction:
Jay Cutler has to feel pretty deflated after hearing this.
The Chicago Tribune reports that the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago recently held a auction back on March 26 to raise money for the pet-adoption charity, and one of the items was a Cutler signed football. It received zero bids at the asking price of $100. Not a single one.
Actually, I don't feel sorry for Cutler. He conned the Bears into giving him a bazillion-dollar contract extension, then went out and sucked so bad he got benched for Jimmy Clausen, who hadn't taken an NFL snap in three years. This just sounds like karmic justice, on a small scale, anyway.

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