Monday, September 14, 2015

A work in (slow) progress

On the road that lies between me and I-270, there is an insane S-curve that crosses a stream. It frequently floods. Somebody at the Maryland Department of Transportation wisely concluded that this is suboptimal and came up with a plan to straighten the road and go right across the stream. I think they had to buy about an acre of some farmer's wooded, marshy cow pasture to do so but they did. So now, as you approach the S-curve (the bride across the stream is right at the peak of the first curve), you can see the construction on a road that simply goes straight across:

Saturday, on the way home from work, I pulled into the site to view their progress. The bridge footings are almost complete:

Of course, because it is a government project, they'll probably be at this for years. This is the mighty river they are attempting to span:

Still they've got that roadbed shaping up nicely:

I guess we'll see what we see. I'll have a heart attack, though, if they finish before winter weather slows work to a crawl. I'm putting the over-under at March 1.

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