Monday, September 21, 2015

Boo-yah! A little "Fuck Seattle" game food porn for you

A most excellent victory last night. It did not make up for the NFC title game, but I was really getting tired of having to play Seattle in Seattle. Anyway, at Lambeau, we won, they lost, and I hope they rot and burn in Hell. Other than that, I have no feelings one way or the other about the Seahawks.

The game food is another story: I have nothing but good feelings about that. Because this was a night game, I had to make game food that could double as dinner, since Mrs. Wolves would be eating her game food as dinner before the game started. This is not as hard as it sounds, given my game food repertoire. First, I made ribs:

Yeah, I smoked 'em first. Homemade sauce. Pretty damn good, folks. Very tender. I also fixed the potato recipe I used last week, the smushed red potatoes thing. Boiled them longer this time, and they smushed just right. Added a little mozzarella to the Parmesan this time. Worked well:

Added some pigs in a blanket to be game-foodier, and because that's what I wanted to eat during the game:

To round out Mrs. Wolves' dinner, I roasted some corn on the cob and threw in some baked beans (not homemade, alas -- too little time). All in all, and excellent meal and an excellent game. Go Pack!

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