Monday, September 7, 2015

Just a little holiday weekend farming

Yeah, I went to The Farm again. It's what happens when they sit you down from work. Anyway, I once again thinned the peas, which look good:

The second crop of broccoli is also starting to show signs of bugs:

Most of it looks OK, and it is clear that the bugs don't like cauliflower, which is on the right:

I got some stuff yesterday to kill those fuckers (the bugs, not the cauliflower) and I put it on today, so we'll see how that works out. The radishes look good, but are not ready to harvest. I thinned them a little to help them along in their quest to thrive. Radishes are like that:

Mostly I put water on stuff. In my second peas bed, I planted a few more seeds to make up for germination failure. I also harvested some beans and, of course, some more peppers:

Soon, I think, I will be grinding the peppers I have been drying. Might make one more batch of hot sauce, as well, with an eye this time to making it brutally hot. Just to switch things up. Past batches have been mild to medium, so I'd like to burn someone's taste buds with the next batch. We'll see.

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