Thursday, September 17, 2015

This is how cats sleep. Do not try this at home.

No human could sleep in these positions. I shudder to think of the pain you would suffer upon awakening if you even tried. Nonetheless, our feline friends sleep in like this routinely and seem to enjoy it. Here we have Murder and Mischief sharing a spot on Mrs. Wolves' chair, in which she rarely actually gets to sleep these days:

And here we have Mayhem, who appears to believe she is an armadillo:

Point? No point. I put these up here because Mrs. Wolves likes these pictures she took, and because I can. Don't like it? Refer to the title of the blog. I now return to watching the Chiefs-Broncos, in which Old Man Manning attempts to tell the Chiefs to "get the hell off my lawn," even though technically he is on their lawn, as the game is in Kansas City. One more sign, I suppose, of Peyton's advancing age -- he doesn't even know where he is anymore.

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