Tuesday, September 15, 2015

I got hit by a deer, damn it

Yeah, that's what I said. Obviously, it is much worse to hit a deer, but getting hit by a deer is not great. Allow me to explain.

As I was driving home Friday night, on a stretch of road where it is unusual to see deer because of the fenced cow pastures on both sides of the road, I saw a doe, a deer, a female deer, crossing the road. I immediately slowed down, because deer are never alone, and sure enough, as I approached where the doe had crossed the road, I saw a young deer on the right shoulder of the road, preparing to follow what I assume was its mother. It seemed to be turning away from the road, and then decided to follow its mother, damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead. I did not hit the deer. It hit me.

I was too far along for the deer to cross in front of my car. Instead, it ran straight into the side of my car, bounced off, and crossed the road behind me, after I passed.

My damage was light. First, Bambi bent my passenger-side mirror all the way up against the glass. When I looked in that mirror afterward, all I saw was me. Fortunately, the mirror folded right back out with no ill effects:

Second, Bambi managed to put a small dent in my front passenger door. I could probably take it out with suction cups:

And, finally, Bambi left a pretty good amount of deer fur stuck in the chrome surrounding the door handle on the front passenger door:

How cool is that?

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Anonymous said...

Did you get insurance info from the deer?