Monday, September 14, 2015

After the truce, true peace

Mischief received something less than a warm welcome when she joined the Wolves family, at least from the other Wolves felines. They seemed to resent the intrusion of this young interloper and rejected her kitten efforts to play with outright hostility. Gradually, everyone involved has adapted, and Murder and Mayhem, quite the wrestlers themselves, especially when they were kittens, now are willing to, now and then, engage in a little tussle with Mischief. The real sign that peace has come, though, is this:

Mischief likes to take Murder's sleeping spot on the chair that Mrs. Wolves uses when watching TV or working on her computer. With a cat behind her, she sits on the forward edge of the seat. Finally, Murder has decided there is room for two, and after weeks of simply ceding the space to Mischief, she now sleeps there with her. Kinda cute, if you like cats. I, of course, like them better when they are practicing killing things, or actually killing things. But I guess this will have to do.

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