Friday, September 4, 2015

Seriously, farming shouldn't be this hard

But it is. And it is because farming is hard. Anyway, I went over to The Farm today, expecting to do a little watering. No such luck. Naturally, Jeb the Wonder Dog went along:

Alas, the broccoli is getting seriously bugged up. Need to find a way to stop the bugs:

I thinned out the pea plants. Still need to thin them some more, probably, but I will let that go until next week:

The cauliflower/broccoli second crop seems to be doing OK, so we'll see how that works out:

I had a bed that did nothing when I planted spinach, so I planted more spinach today. We'll see how that works out:

Anyway, there has been a lot going on at The Farm. The peppers are doing well:

The first-crop broccoli is getting bugged up, so I need to find a way to counter that problem. I am not opposed to better living through chemistry, but we'll see:

The squash patch refused to get kilt by the first batch of poison, so I did it again a few days later. The second round of weed-killer seems to have done the trick:

So, having poisoned everything, I then mowed it:

Then I tilled the fuck out of it:

So we'll see how that works out next spring. Anyway, it was a busy day on The Farm. Fucking near killed me.

UPDATE:  Forgot to add this -- I did harvest some second-crop beans and a bunch more peppers:

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