Monday, September 21, 2015

OK, this one has me stymied

I get traffic directed my way from all kinds of places. Mostly, it is either people who know about the blog or people who do internet searches for stuff that happens here, among other places. Many of those, of course, are disappointed porn-seekers, since I do food porn and occasionally used phrases like "smoking hot naked Russian babes." Hey, a guy has to drive traffic somehow.

So I understand how a lot of my traffic winds up here. Often, it comes through blogs that list Eff You on their blog roll, such as this guy. This week, though, I had a visitor who has me baffled. Apparently, the hit was directed through this site, which I've never heard of. I went to the site but could find absolutely no way anyone could have come to Eff You as a result of something they found there. Go figure.

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