Sunday, September 27, 2015

The Marines, at least, refuse to let the military become a social experiment

The current administration seems to be hellbent on making the military "look like America," as progressives are fond of saying.  Unfortunately, the America they think the military ought to look like bears little resemblance to the America most folks live in and, more importantly, is not a good recipe for a successful military.

Emperor Barry wants the military to be loaded with gay and lesbian troops, transgender people and whatever. The fact of the matter is gays are a miniscule portion of the general population -- no more than about 3 percent -- and so-called transgendered people (you can't change your chromosomes, people, no matter what you cut off) are a vanishingly small percentage of that already small percentage. Why is it so important to have them serve in the military? Damn few are qualified. Frankly, I have no problem with anyone who is qualified serving in the military in any capacity for which they are qualified. Unfortunately, this administration wants all positions open to all people, and doesn't seem to care what that does to the fighting force's effectiveness.

To me, a person who degrades our military's ability to fight should not be in a combat position. That is not the position of Emperor Barry. The Army, Air Force and Navy have already agreed to open all positions -- known as military operational specialities, or MOS's -- to whoever -- women, gays, transgenders, whatevs. For now, physical requirements won't change. I don't believe that will last, but the Marines apparently are going to ask for exemptions from allowing women to serve in certain combat positions, even if they meet the physical requirements, and they have some good data to back them up:
The Marine Corps is expected to ask that women not be allowed to compete for several front-line combat jobs, inflaming tensions between Navy and Marine leaders, U.S. officials say.
The tentative decision has ignited a debate over whether Navy Secretary Ray Mabus can veto any Marine Corps proposal to prohibit women from serving in certain infantry and reconnaissance positions. And it puts Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Marine Corps commandant who takes over soon as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, at odds with the other three military services, who are expected to open all of their combat jobs to women.
No final decisions have been made or forwarded to Pentagon leaders, but officials say Defense Secretary Ash Carter is aware of the dispute and intends to review the Marine plan. The Marine Corps is part of the Navy, so Mabus is secretary of both services.
I am not opposed to women in combat positions as an absolute. Some women can probably meet the physical standards and, if so, then I suppose they should be considered. An oft-cited example is women in the Israeli defense forces.  Israel probably is a unique situation, surrounded by enemies and outnumbered as they are. Still, they see,\m to have done OK with women in most combat roles. On the other hand, if the Marines determine that women in combat units are detrimental to the effectiveness of the unit in combat, then you have to give deference to the purpose of the unit, which is to kill people in combat. The other guys' people, not ours. The Marines did a careful study and determined that women in combat units detracted from those units ability to kill people efficiently. No matter what you think about the military and defense spending, never forget that the reason you have a military is to have a group of people who are good at killing people while keeping themselves alive. Anything that impedes their ability to accomplish those two tasks is a bad thing. Fuck a bunch of societal experimentation.

Naturally, Emperor Barry's Secretary of the Navy disagrees. Because the Marines are the senior branch of the naval service, they serve under the Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus. Who is, as you might expect under Emperor Barry, a dick. He doesn't give a fuck what the Marines' carefully conducted research shows:
Navy Secretary Ray Mabus criticized Friday the findings of a new Marine report that all-male combat units perform better on a number of tactical tasks than mixed-gender units.
Mr. Mabus, the civilian secretary who leads the Navy Department — including the Marine Corps — has called for the Navy to open combat jobs to women, and said the latest report may have been tainted by negative attitudes from the beginning.
Ray don't care how the study was conducted, he cares about the outcome. And the outcome, dammit, better be that it is hunky fucking dory that women are totes cool in Marine combat units. Mabus, of course, is a total douche and a slave to the libtard agenda, with no experience with the military. Which is, I suppose, why Barry appointed him. He was governor of Mississippi, an ambassador to Saudi Arabia and some other stuff, not military related. But if you wondered why Mabus has his job, think only about ideological reasons, and consider this:
On March 27, 2009, Mabus was nominated by President Obama as Secretary of the Department of the Navy.[16] He was sworn in on May 19, 2009,[17] and held a ceremonial swearing in at Washington Navy Yard on June 18, 2009, where he was re-sworn in by the Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.[18][19][20]
In April 2010 a furor arose when it was reported that Mabus made the controversial proposal to name a United States Navy warship the USS John P. Murtha (LPD-26) after the late Pennsylvania Democratic congressman, John Murtha. Additional naming controversies occurred due to the naming of auxiliary ship after Cesar Chavez,[21] and acorvette/littoral combat ship after former Arizona Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords following her suffering life-threatening wounds in a 2011 mass shooting in her home district of Tucson, Arizona.[22]
Seriously, John Murtha and Cesar Chavev? A criminal and a communist? Whatevs. Is this how we want to determine what our defense forces should look like?

Let's face it -- I don't want a representative force defending the United States, nor should you. I want a bunch of kick-ass dudes out there defending our country. I don't care if homosexuals, or transexuals or any other fuckedup-sexuals are in our military. I want our military composed of people capable of kicking the shit out of the other guys. If that includes some kick-ass whatever-sexuals, then fine. I just want a military that is prepared to win. Period. Set the standards, let people meet them. If they can't, or if they fuck up unit effectiveness, then I don't want those people in the unit. I don't give a fuck who they are. Guys who can't do the job or fuck up the unit should be gone, too.

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