Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Early fall on The Farm is pretty nice

Headed back to The Farm Sunday, as there was no Packers game to keep me away. The fall crops are looking pretty good. Spinach is sprouting:

The first broccoli crop is looking good:

It made a nice recovery from the bug infestation after I applied a little better living through chemistry a couple weeks ago. Lots of nice, healthy new leaves:

The radishes are busting loose, but I should have thinned them more. Took care of that Sunday:

First crop of peas are coming along nicely, as well. Supposed to be bush plants, but I am thinking of putting up a string trellis. They kind of look like they want one:

The second broccoli crop and the cauliflower also are coming along well, a few weeks behind the first crop:

The peppers continue to defy expectations and show no signs of slowing down despite the arrival of fall:

The second pea crop is coming along. No trellis for these guys, though -- too much like work:

Managed to harvest some peppers, beans, carrots, radishes and tomatoes -- probably the last of those:

Need to process the tomatoes and beans, get those frozen for later consumption. Dry the peppers to grind up. That's a day I'm not looking forward to. I have a ton of dried peppers to grind, and all kinds of bad things can happen doing that.

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Cat said...

Dry peppers--remember to wear rubber gloves and grind the peppers in a blender or coffee grinder outside the house. Oh and don't forget to pee before you start. Just a word to the wise...