Thursday, September 10, 2015

The DC rally was smokin' hot

Editor's note: This post and the accompanying photo essay are by Mrs. Wolves, who attended the rally in D.C. on Wednesday in opposition to the Iran nuclear deal.

By Mrs. Wolves
Special Correspondent

You might think that those who organized yesterday's DC rally to stop the Iran deal would've taken pity on the hundreds (press said 2,000) who sat or stood for hours under a merciless sun that pushed temps to 95 with a dewpoint in the intolerable range.

Fifty people had signed up to speak. Even though organizers (Tea Party Patriots and Zionist Organization of America ) slashed times to two minutes for all but the keynotes, they could've done a lot better by thinking quality not quantity. Many--I daresay most--wannabes should've been told: "We appreciate your desire to speak, but, sorry, maybe some other time. This issue is too important for garden-variety grandstanding." Like Palin. What is her deal anymore? Why give her any time? What is the point? And Jim Gilmore, please, spare me.

The event would have gained focus and been less dangerous to people's health had they stuck to a smaller cadre of speakers; namely, Cruz (who was mesmerizing, seemingly unaffected by the heat, and actually had a good plan to stop this thing), Trump (but only because he followed Cruz, thus making an indelible impression as a lightweight pretender and total narcissist), and Beck, of course, who brought passion, authenticity, and perspective in his presentation of the Big Picture. Time to wake up, people. Take a stand. The Christian Holocaust has begun in the Middle East . (To help financially, donate to Mercury One's Nazarene Fund.)
In addition to the keynotes, others worth hearing: Mark Levin, Phil Robertson, Dave Brat (tea party favorite winner!) from Virginia , and, of course, Louie Gohmert. Naturally, keep a general or two and someone from the Zionist group, but that's it.

At 3, the four of us, who had been sweltering since 10:30, staggered away from the Capitol grounds to make the first train home. Despite the heat and dehydration, however, we were glad we went. It was comforting to be surrounded by so many mostly like-minded folks (with the exception of some Trump supporters and all the Code Pink people). Nowhere near having major donor status, I had never stood that close to speakers, and seeing them (well, Cruz and Beck anyway) in person a few yards away added an emotional intensity that would've given me chills under any other circumstances. Also, based on the news today, there seems to be new resolve in Congress, especially the House, to stop this insane deal. As Beck said on the radio this morning, negotiating with Iran is like trying to make friends with a neighbor who constantly tells you that he will kill you. Not the best idea.

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