Monday, February 2, 2015

A few random comments

In response to a reader query, no, there will not be game food porn from the Super Bowl because I went on the road for the game. I took stuffed potato skins  to the Super Bowl party I attended, and I gathered a couple recipes while there, but I was not the primary food provider, so no game food porn. Sorry.

Also, another reader suggested in the comments to this post that I am a bit odd myself. It was not clear to me that it was intended to be insulting, but I did no take it as such regardless of the intent. Anyone who has read this blog for any time at all knows I'm a bit something or other. I answered the reader in the comments, so feel free to check it out. Anyone unhappy with my commentary on Temp Town and the oddness found within can refer to the title of the blog.

Finally, in this random stream of stuff, it would appear that I topped 110,000 visitors the other day and failed to notice. I've been busy. Thank you to everyone who comes by, even those who think I am odd.

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