Thursday, February 12, 2015

I don't know why, but this strikes me as kind of funny

The homeowners association where I live -- and remind me to never again live in a place with a homeowners association -- has sent out what I consider to be interesting emails lately. The county is building a new bridge across the lakes that split this development, and apparently on Monday they will be lowering the water level of the lakes by two feet. As you can see, there is ice on the lakes:

 Anyway, the current situation looks like this:

I am pretty sure that the structure shrouded in white canvas or plastic is a concrete piling that they are trying to keep warm so that it will cure properly:

I got no damn idea what the rest of that shit is doing. Anyway, not the water level in the middle picture, because in a couple weeks, it is supposed to be a lot lower, and I will have pictures. In the meantime, take a gander at the kind of advice the lakefront folks apparently need from the HOA;
Beginning the week of February 16th, the main lake (Lake Linganore), will be lowered. The lowered lake level will be maintained for the remainder of February and March. Beginning April 1st the lake will be allowed to refill to normal levels.
Prevent Dock Damage
When the lake ice freezes to docks and boats, it can become damaging if left unchecked. When the water level is reduced, the ice should break away from boats and docks, however if for some reason this does not happen and ice remains stuck to your dock and/or boat, please consider breaking up the ice pieces to prevent structural damage. Ice left on boats and docks can cause abnormal twisting and damage.
It is also very important that homeowners with stationary docks on the lake, lengthen their mooring lines to accommodate boats dropping by approximately 2 feet.
There are, I think, so many dilletante boat owners around here that this advice is necessary. Personally, I think it would be fucking hilarious to see the number of stationary-dock owners who failed to extend their mooring lines and would but with the boat hanging from the dock or, better still, the bow hanging from the dock and the stern underwater, boat sunk. Mighta been interesting.

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