Sunday, February 8, 2015

Good luck with that

I saw a post on The Posse list the other day (yeah, I'm using that opening a lot lately) and immediately thought, good luck staffing that project. The post read:
[An agency I have worked for] is staffing a Bahasa Indonesian review for translators, JDs and barred attorneys. If you're interested and would like to apply, please send an updated WORD version of your resume immediately to [the recruiting email address for the agency].
*Start date: ASAP Duration: 1-2 months
*Pay Rate: Competitive
*Rate Hours: 40 hours per week and possible OT
*Location: Downtown DC
*Requirements: Must be active and in good standing in any US Jurisdiction and you must pass the ALTA proficiency exam with our agency.
The likelihood of there being any unemployed or contract attorneys who speak Bahasa Indonesian is close to zero. Any who do are already working at the Indonesian Embassy, or at the NSA or someplace. US-barred attorneys with rare language skills don't have to beg for work, in general. So, naturally, the next day the same posting went back up with this addendum:
UPDATED: we post this project yesterday. The client will now accept non-barred attorneys and translators. The post as amended follows:
I'll bet they will. Next up, they'll accept native Bahasa Indonesian speakers with no law degree to translate documents for non-barred attorneys. I've seen this happen with other language projects, where the wives of embassy or corporate employees that speak the language sought are brought on and translate documents. Barred attorneys who speak these languages generally make north of $85 per hour. Sometimes far north. There simply aren't that many. Damn. I gotta learn another language.

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