Sunday, February 8, 2015

And the degradation continues

I'm sure this is simply an effort to drive rates down. I saw a Posse List posting recently and didn't think much of it because it didn't really apply to me. It read:
[An agency I am registered with] is currently recruiting for entry level document reviewers.
DC licensed attorneys with minimal document review experience are strongly encouraged to apply.
If interested, please submit your resume with bar status in Word format to:[the email address for recruiting at the agency]. Please reference "Level 1" in the subject line.
A friend of mine in the industry sent me an email that said this:
So. "Entry level doc reviewer" has to be a new level of sadness, no?
Short answer? Yes. I think the folks who respond to this will get a lower rate. I don't think the firm they work for through this agency will know that. I also don't think they care. Pressure on rates is ever-downward in this market. Clients and law firms and agencies alike are trying to cut costs. Clients are pushing back on what firms can bill, and agencies have long since lost the war over what they can bill. They used to bill for use of the computers they rented, for the space, for any snacks or refreshments they provided. No more. Those days are long gone, and the agencies for the most part are actually paying temps less these days than, say, six years ago. Their margins are razor-thin. Not encouraging.

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