Thursday, February 19, 2015

Jobs for ISIS

State Department spokesperson Marie Harf apparently believes that while we cannot kill our way to victory over ISIS -- an hypothesis falsified by every successful war waged in the history of mankind -- we can job-create our way to victory. I guess if we can convince Starbucks to expand to the Middle East, ISIS is finished. While her larger point -- stable countries do not tend to produce terrorists -- is correct, that isn't what she actually said, and I don't even know that's what she meant. She was simply taking part in the administration's determined effort to deny that religion has anything to do with Islamist terrorism. Good luck with that.

However, since the administration apparently thinks that jobs are the answer, Clash Daily has collected some funny tweets about what sort of jobs might be appropriate for ISIS terrorists. I'm not going to excerpt -- you have to go there. Enjoy.

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