Thursday, February 19, 2015

Do they think they can staff this?

An agency I have worked for a lot just posted a project on The Posse List that strikes me as, well, problematic when it comes to actually finding people willing to take it:
[An agency I have worked for] is currently seeking barred attorneys active and in good standing in any US jurisdiction for a short 3-4 day review slated to start as early as tomorrow and last through the weekend.
The rate is $30/hr and will be held at our DC review center.
For all interested attorneys submit your resume to [the recruiting email address for the agency] for consideration.
I guess unemployed temps will take anything, so they probably can staff it. The rate sucks, and the duration sucks, but both beat unemployment. Taking a project like this means you run the risk of missing out on a better project that starts right after, but I guess most folks would just jump to the better project without worrying about burning the bridge. Ultimately, I guess, they'll be able to staff it. Just highlights what a shitty way this is to make a living.

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