Tuesday, February 3, 2015

I like a country that does what it tells terrorists it is going to do

Jordan told ISIL that, if ISIL executed the Jordanian fighter pilot ISIL was holding captive, then Jordan would execute the terrorist bombing woman Jordan held in prison that ISIL wanted released. Oh yeah, and every other ISIL-related prisoner Jordan holds. So when video comes out of ISIL burning the Jordanian pilot alive, and then it turns out they did so weeks before they started trying to trade the captive pilot for the failed suicide bomber, Jordan said, "Shit just got real." And they started executing the people they said they were going to execute.

Wow. Must be nice to have a government that will say what it means. No "red lines" that move, no namby-pamby bullshit or empty condemnations. Just, you kill ours, we kill yours, and then do it. Sure is better than having a government that talks big and carries no fucking stick at all (I'm looking at you, Barry. Drones don't get it done, unless you like indiscriminately killing random people.) Thank you, Jordan. I think recruiting for ISIL just got harder.

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