Saturday, February 14, 2015

Yeah, the gig finally started

So, what is supposed to be a high-overtime, short-duration job finally started yesterday. Yes, it was supposed to start last Monday. On the other hand, the other high-overtime, short-duration job that was supposed to last until this new gig started plotzed about a week early, which just reminds us of Rule No. 1: they're lying. Honestly, they often just don't know, but they feel like they can't tell you they don't know, so they're lying, but it often isn't malicious, but merely ignorant. On the other had, just as often, they really are lying, and it really is malicious, so Rule No. 1 still applies.

Anyway, we started the new project yesterday, and worked today, and I got to drive home in a mini-blizzard, so that was all fun. It looks like we'll get a couple weeks, maybe three, out of this, with good overtime. On the other hand, who knows? Anyone who does is lying to us about it.

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