Saturday, February 28, 2015

Thank God Emperor Barry is making Iran our friends

As I mentioned previously, Iran built a non-functioning replica (not full size, I think) of a U.S. Nimitz-class aircraft carrier. The Navy professed not to know why Iran would do such a think, and Iran claimed it was part of a movie about the 1988 downing of an Iranian civilian aircraft by the USS Vincennes, a vessel that looks nothing like a Nimitz-class carrier. And the Navy apparently leaked to the New York Times that maybe Iran wanted to blow the replica up for propaganda purposes. I suggested what the Navy obviously knew but would not say: they were practicing.

Well, the Navy and I were both right, as I suspected:
TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — With rockets roaring and guns blazing, more than a dozen swarming Iranian speedboats assaulted a replica of a U.S. aircraft carrier Wednesday during large-scale naval drills near the strategically vital entrance of the Persian Gulf.
The nationally televised show of force by the country's elite Revolutionary Guard comes just weeks ahead of a deadline for Iran and world powers to forge a historic deal on the fate of the Islamic Republic's nuclear program.
So, a high-profile, filmed "training exercise" depicts Iranian forces attacking and destroying a Nimitz-class carrier. Imagine that. And what a coincidence that Emperor Barry has a boner to get a deal that lets Iran build a nuke.  Personally, I don't think Iran really needed to do anything to intimidate Barry. What they did is clownish, but why argue with success?
Iranian live-fire war games are not uncommon. But by simulating for the first time an attack on the ultimate symbol of American naval power, hard-liners hoped to send a message that Iran has no intention of backing down to the U.S. — whichever way talks over its contested nuclear program go.
"American aircraft carriers are very big ammunition depots housing a lot of missiles, rockets, torpedoes and everything else," the Guard's navy chief, Adm. Ali Fadavi, said on state television. A direct hit by a missile could set off a large secondary explosion, he added.
So here is a picture of the "carrier" being hit by a missile:

And a 'splosion:

Why on Earth would you doubt that these people seriously want to reach a deal with us to end their nuclear weapons program? And what kind of cynic would think they won't honor that deal? After all, who thinks a foreign power not friendly to us would fail to live up to "the promise of hashtag"?

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