Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Farming in the deluge

There have been only two or three days without rain in the area in the last three weeks or so, including 15 straight days with rain, so Saturday when I went to The Farm, I wasn't surprised to see this through my windshield:

Thunderstorms, on the way. Needless to say, Jeb the Wonder Dog didn't care:

When I got there, I took a quick survey of the state of affairs. The bed in which the peppers were to do was weedy and not ready:

The spinach and radishes were finally doing well, and radishes were ready to harvest:

The second spinach bed, having been reseeded, was at about 100 percent germination:

The cauliflower looked really good:

As did the broccoli:

and the brussells sprouts:

All three of those crops depend upon a cool spring, which we are having. As long as it stays cool-ish until the broccoli and cauliflower form heads, we should be good. The peas are doing well since their reseeding:

Both beds:

I thinned the peas some, since this time we had 100 percent germination. I also hoed and weeded the crap out of the peppers bed:

Then I planted some peppers. Two sweet bell pepper plants, five hot pepper plants:

Got another seeding of carrots in, since we had near-total failure on the first planting because of the late freezes:

And we harvested some massive radishes (this was nowhere near all of them):

All in all, The Farm is falling into line. Twice on Saturday, torrential downpours forced me into the garage to wait things out. Fortunately, I got done most of  what I had on my urgent list. Still need to build a string trellis for the peas, prepare and plant the squash bed, and figure out where to put the cucumbers. All in good time.

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