Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I don't think Ray Mabus has to worry about getting a ship named after him

Mabus, who is the secretary of the Navy, has been hell-bent ever since he took office to turn his part of the military into a lovely social experiment, with all combat jobs open to all genders -- and you thought there were only two -- apparently without regard for the person's actual physical ability to do the job. I think it is possible he as finally gone too far:
One of the most time-honored phrases in the Marine Corps — "every Marine a rifleman" — could get an update as the service's top leaders consider new gender-neutral job titles for all positions.
The Marine Corps is conducting a sweeping review of its military occupational specialty titles, Capt. Philip Kulczewski, a Marine spokesman at the Pentagon, told Marine Corps Times. The move follows a January directive from Navy Secretary Ray Mabus that Navy and Marine leaders ensure all job titles are gender neutral as ground combat jobs opened to women.
Because Mabus is a Social Justice Warrior, there apparently are no restrictions on changes he is willing to make. SJWs feel the need to control the language as well as the actions of other people, regardless of how stupid the result is. Mabus clearly falls in that camp:
Initially, a Navy official told Marine Corps Times that Mabus didn't intend to change iconic titles like infantryman, rifleman or midshipman. Instead, the official said, he only wanted titles to change the titles if "man" stood alone as a separate word, as in reconnaissance man or field artillery sensor support man.
But a Marine official with knowledge of the review said "every single" title, billet and job description is being looked at.
I will leave you to your own conclusions as to why the SJWs want to enact these kinds of changes. But I think we can rest assured that future generations, looking back on the de-militarization of our military, will not look kindly upon people like Ray Mabus.  His efforts to turn the Marines into some kind of social club will not be appreciated in the future when we need a military organization that is proud to be "first to fight" rather than proud to be "gender-inclusive."

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