Thursday, May 26, 2016

Mrs. Wolves runs her first 5K

This past weekend, Mrs. Wolves, who runs every day with Jeb the Wonder Dog (which means she has to stop at least once so he can take a dump) ran her first 5K. It was in the neighborhood, which meant it was quite hilly. I also was raining quite a bit. Still, nearly 500 people took part, and Mrs. Wolves did well. She was happy to be there:

And determined:

Quite a crowd at the starting line:

Off she went:

Got a picture of her early:

After that, I just waited. Somehow, I missed her coming in to finish. It was the longest distance she had ever run, and she was right in the middle of the pack. She was really pleased with her outing, and is looking forward to her next 5K. We will not speak of my imminent exercise plans.

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Cat said...

Atta girl! Go Mrs. Wolves!