Saturday, May 21, 2016

Wow. Who could have seen this coming? Part II

Starting before the Democrats jammed Obamacare down our throats despite polls showing most folks didn't want it, opponents predicted that the law would drive up costs and force insurers out of the market. Emperor Barry I and his minions insisted this was poppycock, and by the way don't you love the emperor's new clothes? Well, many of us thought it might not work out well by changing insurance from covering risk by charging premiums appropriate to that person's risk into just covering every possible event without regard to anything except that the government just told companies to cover those risk events. We predicted that insurers would not want to play that game. Further, we predicted that charging older, sicker people less and trying to put the costs onto the backs of younger, healthier people also would not work. Hey, guess what?:
 Consumers have their plans cut out from underneath them each year as insurers have either pared back plans or exited exchanges altogether as Obamacare’s economic model continues to fail. At the same time, premiums and deductibles have continued to skyrocket, and tax subsidies cannot hide the impact on families.
What was promised as more “choice” is becoming fewer choices as UnitedHealthcare and now Humana begin to pull out of certain regions. An AP story in 2014 reported that of the 19 nationally recognized cancer centers that responded to a survey, only 4 reported access through all Obamacare insurers. Last month, Blue Cross Blue Shield released a report warning that costs under the president’s plan are unsustainable – fully 22 percent higher than people covered by employers. And The Hill reported that Obamacare insurers lost money in 41 states in 2014, which could determine whether big companies like Aetna stick with it.
Insurance companies are bailing out, because they aren't selling insurance anymore. If a sick person can wait until he actually has to incur health care costs to buy insurance, and the insurance company then has to sell him the insurance, that isn't insurance. It's insanity. It might make libtards feel good because people with poor planning skills or no money can get someone else to pay for their healthcare, but it is a really good way to get companies to stop paying for anyone's health care, including those folks who bought insurance the old-fashioned way, based on the risk that they would need it.

A post at Hot Air pulls together a number of stories that make it clear that Obamacare is not only failing to reduce costs but is failing to provide care. If you go 0-fer on your promises, why should anyone believe you?

The Fiscal Times story sums it up nicely:
Remember the now-infamous promise made by President Barack Obama when pushing the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare? “If you like your plan,” the president repeated on dozens of occasions, “you can keep your plan.”
When millions of Americans got thrown off of their existing health-insurance plans in the fall of 2013, PolitiFact called it the Lie of the Year. Obama ended upapologizing for the lie in an interview with NBC News’ Chuck Todd in November 2013, even if he couldn’t quite bring himself to admit that it was a lie. “We weren’t as clear as we needed to be in terms of the changes that were taking place,” was as far as Obama’s contrition went.

Almost three years later, there is little evidence of any more contrition on that failure, or others in Obamacare for that matter. Earlier this week , Charlie Rose interviewed three former Obama speechwriters on a variety of topics. After discussing their work on lighter-topic speeches, Rose asked whether they felt they had an impact on Obama’s more serious addresses. Jon Lovett replied that he felt most proud of his impact on “the most serious speeches – health care, economic speeches.”
That prompted his colleague, Jon Favreau, to interject. “Lovett wrote the line about ‘if you like your insurance, you can keep it,” he said, as the panel erupted in laughter. “How dare you!” Lovett shot back in mock indignation. “And you know what?” he asked as the laughter continued. “It’s still true … no.”
Are incompetence and deceit humorous? Perhaps in the Obama administration, the answer might be yes. For the rest of us, especially those who find themselves stuck between a federal tax mandate and an insurance market that has narrowed as significantly as its costs have skyrocketed, no is the correct answer.
The people behind Obamacare joke about what a lie it was. Think it's funny?  Gee, I wonder who could have seen this coming?

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