Sunday, May 15, 2016

Only in Temp Town. Or at least I hope so.

New project is every bit as interesting as I thought it would be, at least substantively. Which means, of course, not at all. However, Temp Town is finally providing me with some interesting characters again. I shall call this one "Wolf Boy."

I think this guy has watched too many X-Men movies. There is no question in my mind he has Hugh Jackman posters on his bedroom wall, and yes, I used the plural -- posters. This dude has mutton chops facial hair like no one has ever seen outside of a Civil War photograph. It looks like he had a neck beard -- yeah, these bad boys go all the way down to the Adam's apple -- and then he slipped shaving his chin, wound up cutting a racing stripe down the middle of his chin and neck and decided to go with it. The chops are separated in the middle by a stripe of shaven skin that is a single razor-width. Truly remarkable.

I desperately want to mock him live, in real time, but part of me is afraid he might pop out some Wolverine-like claws and cut me to ribbons.

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