Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Farm is finally getting some momentum

Weeks of rain, cool weather and lack of sunshine have taken their toll on The Farm's crops. Some of our cool-weather crops are doing OK, but not all, and the warm-weather crops are really eager to see some warm weather. I went over to The Farm Saturday -- to get things in order before Mother's Day so that Farmer Tom would catch no shit from Mrs. Farmer Tom, Naturally, Jeb The Wonder Dog hung his head out the window on the way over:

Looks like the potatoes are enjoying the hell out of lots of rain and cool weather. Must feel like Idaho:

The onions likewise are doing well, although if the ground ever gets a little more solid I need to get in there and hoe:

The reseeding of the radishes seems to have taken:

Ditto for the reseeding of the peas:

Both beds of peas are seeing almost 100 percent germination on the reseeding, with dozens of new seedlings popping up:

A little hard to tell, but the same is happening with the reseeded beans:

The Brussel sprouts look happy, if that is possible for plants:

The broccoli is going gangbusters, too:

As is the cauliflower:

The key for all three of those crops is that they produce before it gets too hot. If not, all bets are off.

The big thing that needed to be accomplished Saturday was getting tomatoes in the ground and the huge piles of mulch spread out around the tomatoes. Since Mrs. Farmer Tom has 9 or 10 sisters, and all of them were coming for Mother's Day (with their offspring -- I think there were about 50 people there Sunday, all related to Mrs. Farmer Tom), the only thing that mattered was getting this bed in order:

Mission accomplished. Tomatoes are in and caged, and I spread some of the mulch. Farmer Tom spread the rest to his taste:

Managed to do a little harvesting, too. Got some asparagus and radishes:

Looking forward to big things here if it ever stops raining, which it is not supposed to do this week, anyway. Rain forecast through at least Friday.

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