Saturday, May 14, 2016

Yeah, the shooting was good

In case anyone was wondering, the day at the shooting range went well. Cpl. Wolves accompanied me and Mrs. Wolves to a nearby shooting range. Cpl. Wolves patiently taught Mrs. Wolves how to handle a firearm safely and how to shoot it, and how to hit things that she was shooting at. She was a good student. While that was going on, one shooting lane over I put a bunch of rounds through the .45 into what I thought were decent groupings at the sort of range at which you use a .45 -- 7 yards.

Mrs. Wolves mostly fired the .22 rifle, and did reasonably well, especially for a novice. She only fired a few rounds with the .45, but did very well with that. She walked out with a newfound confidence that if things go sideways, she'd be OK. Cpl. Wolves and and I then fired the AR-15 for a bit. Then we all went to lunch. Only the people I work with and their kind think this is a weird way to spend an afternoon.

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