Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Rule No. 1 kicks in yet again

After my project plotzed last week, I applied for a bunch of stuff and sent emails to various agencies I am registered with. Standard unemployed temp behavior, really. Throw a bunch of shit at the wall and pray something sticks.

As luck would have it, a couple things stuck. I was informed that I was "pre-selected" a project starting tomorrow, pending clearing conflicts. The conflicts form was stupid-simple, so I didn't see a problem there when I sent it back Sunday.

Not having heard anything by today for a project that was supposed to start tomorrow, I wrote back to the agency and asked if we were still on for Wednesday. I got the following response: the firm decided they wanted to go only with people who are DC-barred.

Naturally, I wrote back: But I am DC-barred. Gave them my bar number, which also is on my resume and was on my conflicts form. No, whether I had DC Bar membership was not an issue. Rule No. 1 kicked in.

The agency person could have stopped with "you were not selected." I don't care why -- not everyone can be selected for every project, and there are about a billion reasons to choose someone else. But don't tell me that I wasn't selected for a reason that I know to be a lie. Because then everything you say to me is suspect, and I know that you follow Rule No. 1 with a vengeance. Lying when there is no reason to lie just lets me know that you will lie, reflexively, simply because you can. Naturally, I got no response to my email letting the agency person know that I knew she was lying. Not likely to work for them in the future, I guess.

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