Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This shit is getting old

Once again, I had a project drop dead beneath me unexpectedly. This could chap my ass real quick if it continues. And it will. I think this is a result of predictive coding, where the firm lets a computer program code most of the documents. We only see the ones the computer can't make a decision on, or the ones that the computer thinks are privileged. The problem, of course, is that predictive coding programs really aren't very good yet, and might not ever be. But courts accept the results, so that doesn't really matter. What you get, then, is bad computer coding replaces bad human coding -- come on, you're read this blog before and know my opinion of most temps -- and does so much faster.

What happened here is the number of documents left that needed human eyes on them were actually far fewer than the firm originally believed would be true. Naturally, the firm's reaction was to cut most of those human eyes. The criteria for getting cut are, as always, random. Good people I know on this project got cut, and shitty reviewers I know on this project did not. C'est la guerre. Once again looking for work. Unemployment haikus coming.

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