Saturday, January 17, 2015

Albania finally answers the call

I pleaded. I begged. And for ever so long, Albania refused to drop by. I once dated a lovely young lady from Albania, and yet her homeland spurned my blog.

But no more. Yes, we have Albania. This brings us pretty close to completing Eff You's collection of the Balkan states-- we already have Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. No Kosovo yet. I'm sure we'll get there. Officially the Republic of Albania, the country is bordered by Montenegro to the northwest and Kosovo to the northeast, Macedonia to the east, and Greece to the south. To the west and southwest, respectively, Albania has coastline along the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea

According to Wikipedia, Albania has had a rough past:
The modern-day territory of Albania was at various points in history part of the Roman provinces of Dalmatia (southern Illyricum), Macedonia (particularly Epirus Nova), and Moesia Superior. The modern Republic became independent after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire in Europe following the Balkan Wars.[7] Albania declared independence in 1912 (to be recognised in 1913), becoming a Principality, Republic, and Kingdom until being invaded by Italy in 1939, which formed Greater Albania, which in turn became a Nazi German protectorate in 1943.[8] In 1944, a socialist People's Republic was established under the leadership of Enver Hoxha and the Party of Labour. In 1991, the Socialist Republic was dissolved and the Republic of Albania was established.
A parliamentary republic, Albania is home to about 3 million people, with about 420,000 living in the capital of Tirana. The former communist state has reformed to a free-market economy, leading to foreign investment and a healthy economy led by the service sector, industry and agriculture. Foreign investment is solid. About 10 percent of GDP comes from tourism. With considerable Adriatic and Ionian coastline beaches, it is easy to see why:

Thems some nice beaches:

Plus, I'm a sucker for cool old forts and castles:

And hot chicks:

OK, I'm in. Everybody give a warm Eff You welcome to Albania. Y'all come back soon, and bring your friends. Say hi to Vesna Becha for me.

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