Monday, January 12, 2015

Apparently even the media is embarrassed by Obama's failure to send someone to Paris march against Islamic violence

It's no big deal if I think Obama is a fucking pussy for failing to take a stand against Islamic violence, but you know there's a problem for the administration when the Democrat-cheerleading media calls him out on it:
Organizers in France estimated that upwards of 3.7 million people attended a Sunday unity rally in Paris in response to the attack on the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo. Among those marchers were a variety of world leaders, but President Barack Obama was not among them. Nor did the president send any ranking administration officials to represent the United States. Not even Attorney General Eric Holder, who was in Paris at the request of French authorities, attended the march. The United States was utterly absent from this global event.
Obama did not even bother to attend a solidarity march for Paris that was held in Washington D.C. yesterday despite the participation of American officials like the State Department’s Victoria Nuland. “Obama wasn’t far from the march in D.C. on Sunday that wended silently along six blocks from the Newseum to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial,” Politico reported. “Instead, he spent the chilly afternoon a few blocks away at the White House, with no public schedule, no outings.”
For this decision, the president is enduring a deluge of criticism from both the left and the right, as well as from the nonpartisan press. Americans in general have been humiliated by their country’s absence during this historic display of support for free expression.
I'm not even going to bother to chase the links, nor am I going to make much commentary here. Hot Air really covers it all, and you should go there and see what they have gathered.  Suffice to say that it seems clear that even the lefties are unhappy that Obama punted on a chance to stand up against Islamic terrorism. Given that the Obama administration has gone out of its way to not  attribute any terrorism to Islamism -- they prefer the word "extremism," without attributing an ideology to it, so that they can include their version of Tea Party conservatives in that view -- it is not surprising that they avoided a rally that was explicitly in opposition to Islamic terrorism. Sorry, kids, Islamic terrorism is not "extremism." It is a Koran-based approach to preventing "disrepespect" toward what the media and Obama will cheerfully refer to as "the prophet," as if there were no other prophet. And, no, I won't capitalize "prophet." Fuck 'em if they can't take a little criticism.

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