Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How do you know the picture is photoshopped?

Because Hillary and Bill Clinton are in the same room. Let's face it, that's happened probably five times since the Clintons left the White House in 2001. Naturally, the lamestream media isn't reporting this -- the British press is, because Prince Andrew also is involved -- so it is up to The National Enquirer to put this business before the American public. Hell, the New York Times is still trying to figure out how to explain why John Edwards dropped out of the presidential race in 2004 without mentioning that Edwards was banging a campaign follower (and had a child with her) -- a story The National Enquirer also broke. Anyway, you can read about the scandal and its potential impact on the 2016 presidential race here. In the meantime, enjoy this image:

I can just hear her: "Bill, could you for once use that finger to zip up your damn pants?" Seriously, the only surprising thing about Bill Clinton being involved in a sex scandal is that it took so long for one to surface. Reminds me of this oldy-but-goody when that Russian punk band got arrested for protesting against Putin:

Hat tip to Insty for the link to Ed Driscoll.

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