Tuesday, January 6, 2015

First snow of the year

We got a few inches of snow today, the first of 2015, if not the first of the winter season (white Thanksgiving, after all). Only supposed to hit 3 or 4 inches. When I left for work at oh-dark-30 there was about an inch on the ground and snowing pretty good. The roads were awful, as neither Frederick County (the local roads I take) nor Montgomery County (once I get on I-270) treated the roads or plowed. The commute was a real nightmare. Managed to weave my way through the wrecks and spinouts and arrived OK.

Naturally, Mrs. Wolves took some pictures for me, including this shot looking right from our front yard:

Clearly, Mrs. Wolves was walking Jeb the Wonder Dog when she took her photos, as the rest that she sent me are pretty Jeb-centric:

You can just tell how vigilant he is:

Always exploring fearlessly:

Do I have to go back inside?

So, just a minor snow event. We'll see if this winter matches last year.

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