Wednesday, January 28, 2015

More on the first day of my Central American cruise

Orientation on Tuesday was exactly what you would expect if you've read this blog for any length of time. There were, as usual, a number of people I recognized but would not claim even as acquaintances -- out of the 10 or so I recognize, I would classify one as competent -- and he's a fucking Patriots fan, so even he is suspect. but I like him and know that he actually knows his ass from a hole in the ground.

There are a number of survivors of the L Street Massacre on this project. Among them are Santa Claus, the guy who wore his pants around his knees and his shirt around his chest, and, naturally, the Hippy Dippy Clickin' Chick. It is not encouraging.

The Hippy Dippy Clickin' Chick managed to live up to her reputation during orientation yesterday, asking three stupid questions that had already been covered before she asked them and then getting combative with an agency representative over something that was beyond the agency's control. I put the over-under on her getting fired at Monday.

Milhouse, bless his heart, tried to ask an "intelligent" question yesterday, beginning it with "What I have gathered so far . . . " The associate doing the training session informed Milhouse that what he had gathered so far was just fucking wrong. I don't think it will deter him from further "intelligent" questions, but we'll see.

Yes, I kept my mouth shut.

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