Friday, January 23, 2015

This actually is a little overdue

In Temp Town, on almost every project (especially when they are capped at 40 hours) there will be a temp who games the system and tries to work two projects simultaneously. Obviously, this is highly unethical, and probably criminal. It certainly would be a good way to lose your law license were the Bar to find out about it.

Normally, it's also difficult to pull off. Both projects have production benchmarks, and if you aren't coding enough documents at either (or both) you're fairly likely to be cut. It's easier on big projects, where the agency and firm are a little less likely to notice long absences, and the tolerance for a few slowpokes is higher.

On a project like this, at the stage where we are -- no work, just being held in the bullpen in case we're needed -- it's actually pretty easy. Come sign in, go to another 40-hour project, work there, come back here for your lunch break to be seen around the project room and make it look like you're still here, then go back to the real project. Finally, you come back here to sign out for the day. A pretty fair number of people have been absent a lot during the day. I don't know where they go, but we got a little indication today.

The agency sent out an email reminding us:
In regard to billing of time, please be professional, ethical, and honest in the hours you record. While I neither require nor expect you to be at your review station for the entire time you bill for the day, your time should reflect an honest accounting of how long you were on site and available to be put to work.
I want to thank those of you who have always done this, those whom I see whenever I pass through the review floor. I am forced to make the announcement above due to the abuse of the few, one of whom we have had to release for fraudulent timekeeping.
BOOM! Almost undoubtedly not the only person doing it, but I think we might see the practice halt, at least for a while. It looks like this project is going to continue staggering along, so it will still be tempting for those so inclined to try and double bill. Always does my heart good to see one of them get the ax as a result.

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