Thursday, January 29, 2015

OK, this is the last post on Central America orientation

Two days of orientation and training ought to be enough for anybody. Anyway, one of the most important things I learned is that my radio reception is good enough to listen to Bobby Bones and Tony Kornheiser live, rather than listening to the podcasts later -- especially since Tony's podcast only goes up about a month after the show airs live.

I couldn't help but note that, despite multiple warnings that we had to be in our seats, clear of security, all forms filled out and ready for training by 10 am Tuesday that at least half a dozen folks staggered in as much as a half-hour after that. Temps.

Naturally, during orientation, Milhouse asked three questions, all of which were answered in the materials given us. I still can't understand why it is illegal for me to kill him. Speaking of which, some guy cited some kind of building code claiming that the suite's kitchen could not be called a kitchen because it did not have a sink. Really? The agency's response was that there is a sink in the kitchen in the second suite in which we are working, and that if anyone needed a sink they could go to that kitchen. Me? I'd have shot the dude. Call it a fucking snack room, shit head. Are we really citing building codes? He's probably been saving that one for years, waiting for some agency to call a room with no sink a "kitchen." What a fucking tool. They were telling you where the refrigerator is to store your fucking lunch. They're not asking you to move in.

And,  yes, the project has a dude who probably has a freezer full of women's heads.

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