Saturday, January 31, 2015

Apparently my cover is completely blown

It never took a rocket scientist to figure out who does this blog. The only reason it was ever anonymous was because the project that gave birth to the blog was run by paranoid freaks looking for a reason to fire people. Good times, good times. Anyway, I have become less and less concerned over the years who knows who does this blog. The content these days is, after all, probably less than half commentary on Temp Town, I never ID firms or agencies, and I don't ID individuals except by my own esoteric nicknames.

Nonetheless, the blog finally bit me on the ass. At least a little bit. As y'all know, I took a break from a project where we had descended to 40 hours per week and had nothing to do. We were being kept on as a fire brigade, in case things turned to shit somehow. That's great if you can live on 40 hours a week; I can't. I took a higher hours project that was only supposed to last 2 weeks. I decided to try for a leave of absence from my old project because it seems unlikely to die in the next two weeks and, if my new project plotzes, I might want to go somewhere else, and 40 hours per week beats 0. Got it all?

Apparently, someone at the agency running my old project keeps tabs on the blog. Go figure -- who the fuck reads this thing? Anyway, they deduced that I had gone to a new project, and at some point had used their mad internet skillz to determine who authors this blog -- it would take your average cretin about 45 seconds to find that out -- and so yesterday they cut me from my old project. How do I know this is why they cut me? A contact of mine at the agency whom I trust told me, "The blog got you." This, to me, is where it gets interesting.

I wrote back to my source:
Does anyone else appreciate the irony that I can't take a break from a project [and] keep my slot if I need to come back, but the same project did the reverse on me, twice? Sent home for a week at the end of summer, 10 days at end of year. Either time, for all [they] know I worked elsewhere in those periods but was allowed back after the layoff, no questions what I was doing, just didn't get paid for the time away. So obviously it isn't the working elsewhere bit that matters. Maybe I should fire [the agency]. Not blaming you at all (seriously, though, who reads my blog?). Besides, I'm currently better off, and couldn't stay on that project at those hours, regardless. Nonetheless, give a holler if the shit hits the fan and I'll decide whether I've fired [the agency].
Maybe some day soon I'll just come out of the closet about the blog. On the other hand, I am mostly too busy trying to make a living to worry about who knows I do this. Further, why should it matter that I do this. Ultimately, though, I think this episode just illustrates the hypocrisy that governs Temp Town. They can do it to me, but I can't do it to them. Well, fuck them. I'll decide later whether I've fired them.

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