Thursday, January 29, 2015

I was not aware anyone thought the Taliban was not a terrorist group

Well, color me mistaken. Apparently, the current administration, governed by Emperor Barry the Munificent, First of His Name, Ruler of All He Surveys and Forgiver of Sins, But Only Those Committed In the Name of Islam, Not Those Committed by Nasty Ass American Conservatives, does not think the Taliban is a bunch of terrorists, at least according to Deputy Press Sec. Eric Schultz, who apparently thinks the Taliban is, um, not a bunch of terrorists:

This non-terrorist status might come as a surprise to previous administrations:
According to ABC News, the last two administrations have been treating the Taliban as a terrorist organization (even though this White House declines to use that word) since at least 2002.
 Armed insurgency? Really? So I guess that excuses this:
We need not re-litigate the myriad horrors perpetrated by Taliban fighters in order to justify the group’s designation as a terrorist organization. We only need to note the most recent one: December’s atrocity in which Taliban fighters stormed an elementary school in Peshawar, Pakistan where they killed 141, including 132 children, and wounded 121 more.
Killing women and children is totally armed insurgency and has nothing to do with terrorism.  Sweet baby Jesus, we are governed by clowns.

Hat tip to Hot Air.

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