Thursday, January 1, 2015

I'll try not to make any loud noises

Happy New Year, Eff You nation! Hope you made it through the festivities intact, or none too worse for the wear, anyway. I'm sure there aren't any really serious hangovers out there. My readership is far more erudite and well-behaved than that. Certainly none of you looked like a human version of this last night:

Of course not. Anyway, Final count for posts in December was the highest in the history of the blog with 72, easily topping June 2014, which set the previous high at 62. Viewership for the month also was solid, coming in fifth overall in the history of the blog. So thanks to everyone who has come by, keep coming and bring your friends. As you ease out of your hangover, I will ease you into the new year with some soothing music to help your aching head:

I just made some loud noises, didn't I? Sorry about that.

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