Monday, January 5, 2015

If temps weren't so apathetic, they'd have killed the guy

When we came back today, I figured at least a quarter of the crew would have moved on in retaliation for being sat down last week. I guess they all had as much trouble as I did finding a gig during the worst week of the year for finding a gig. Talking to folks, though, I'm amazed at how many people didn't even try. Mind-boggling.

So anyway, this morning a staff attorney for one of the firms walked through our room and made an announcement:

Staff attorney: There are doughnuts in the other room. (Leaves room.)

Temp: That totally makes up for not working last week.

Folks laughed, but most of them also leapt from their seats and headed for the doughnuts. Put free food in front of a temp and all rational thought ends, I guess. Personally, I declined to get a doughnut just on principle. Not worth much, really. Plus, it was those nasty Yankee doughnuts.

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